Welcome to my website dedicated to bonsai trees and bonsai pottery .
Hugo Studeník
Welcome to my website dedicated to bonsai trees and bonsai pottery - my equivalent hobby and passion.
During spring and summer season I spend most of the time looking after bonsai trees and ornamental garden. While in the winter I mainly work on the pottery. Both of those activities complement each other having some related features, but some diverse aspects as well. Growing bonsai trees is a creative procedure requiring a certain measure of artistic imagination. The same is for the pottery. Neither of them can be hurried - they need time. To me, the journey of discovering bonsai is especially beautiful and interesting thanks to the constantly variable and developing appearance of the tree. In fact, a bonsai tree is never completely finished. Unfortunately this beauty can be easily damaged or even destroyed by grower's fault or inappropriate care.
Unlike most of things around us, the beauty and value of the bonsai tree will increase with years. That can't be said about the pottery which is formed at the beginning and during the firing process. After that we can only see whether our attempt was successful or not. In any case, the final creations made out of clay have some sort of mark of definitiveness and persistence, which in time of bustling consumption is a welcome change.